Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Oldest UFO is Finished!

In 2003, my "Secret Sister" at church gave me homemade quilt blocks, spaced throughout the year, each one having a special significance to our family.  She made one block each for my husband and me as well as each of our sons, with our birth dates embroidered on them.

She made a block that reminds us of our 15 years of home-schooling....

.....a block for Sweet Adorable Hubby's career (I added the retirement date!).......

.......and one commemorating our first grandchild.

 Log-cabin blocks display each of our wedding anniversary dates.

You can see other blocks in the quilt  --  

--  blocks for our daughters-in-law with their birth dates --  

--  and blocks I added for our grandsons who joined our family while all the rest of the blocks were sitting in a sewing room cabinet, being a UFO, and waiting to be completed.

I didn't know until the end of the year that Anna was my "Secret Sister."   The coffee cup block and cross-stitched stove block are very special because they symbolize the many, many hours our families spent visiting over the years.

This is such a special quilt.  I am so glad it's not a UFO anymore.  And not just because I wanted to check it off the list!