Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Needle Troubles

I have been hand-quilting a long time, not to mention all the hand-applique' and hand-embroidery I have done throughout my life, and I have never had the problems with needles I have been dealing with lately.  Look at this......

 needles have been bending right at the bottom of the eye.  

It's hard to get much completed when this keeps happening!  One needle after the other in the most recent package has bent this way, and there's no way to continue using them in that condition.  (By the way, these two photos were taken with my cell phone.....impressive, right??)

Just in case you are interested in the quilt I am working on here is a sneak peak.

It's the Dutch Treat quilt I started in 2005, and it's more than half quilted.  I'm anxious to finish it so needle problems are not fitting into the schedule right now!