Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Goal Met - Liam's Baby Quilt

This month it was touch and go, but I finished my September A Lovely Year of Finishes goal with a whole day to spare.  Whew!  I was beginning to think I should have set a simpler goal - maybe just make the top and not the entire quilt.  

This quilt was not on my Projects List for the year until my sister asked me to make a baby quilt for a special friend.  Baby's room is navy and grey so I chose a Herringbone pattern from a website (Newly Woodwards) I found through Pinterest.  She shares an excellent tutorial there. 

Normally I trim off all the dog ears from my half-square-triangles on my cutting board, but I trimmed them this time as I sewed and let them fall onto the floor. I just had to take a picture. 

I almost always press my seams open for more precise piecing. 

I actually remembered to use the double pinning method when I sewed the rows together so the corners of my HST's match well.  It helps to pin on each side of the seam when your design is graphic and you have high contrast pieces.  

I've only done straight-line quilting once before, and it was on a quilt with lots of prints so it didn't show up as much as on this quilt with all solids.  It is a lot harder than it looks! The walking foot helped, but it's far from perfect.  

Last night I got to sit and relax while stitching down the binding.  Ahhh, my favorite part.

So Baby's quilt is done and my goal is met.  I am a happy girl.

I am linking up with Fiber of All Sorts for their ALYoF September Finishes Party.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another UFO Finished

When I broke my arm earlier this year my goals were definitely set aside, and I wondered if I would get much done for the rest of 2015.  I am happy to report that I am definitely back on track.  That's thanks to Hubby, I must confess, who "talked me into" keeping the cleaning ladies we hired when I was unable to do much of anything, being one-handed and all.  

I just completed my fifth UFO for this year, bringing my total number left to finish down to seven.  I know, right?  There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

Using this Moda jellyroll I started a quilt in April of 2013 at a retreat and shared it in this blog post.  I made 13 blocks and then I lost interest in it.  That usually only happens if the project is not intended for a specific someone.  That's how it becomes a UFO!

I was motivated to finish it because I wanted to give the quilt to my sister-in-law, April, for her 40th birthday.  The blocks went together fairly quickly.  Deciding on a layout seemed to take longer!  I'm sure I rearranged the blocks at least a half-dozen times. 

My friend, Shirley (Custom Quilting by Shirley Jackson) did a beautiful job quilting it for me, using the "Willow"pantograph.

I wanted April's name in the title so with the help of friends (in other words, people who are actually good at naming quilts) I called it "Under the April Stars." 

I am so happy with the way it turned out.  It's one of my favorite quilts!

It was definitely a surprise for April when she received it in the mail last week.  (Partly because her birthday was three weeks ago!)  She was pretty excited when she called me.  Knowing someone really loves a quilt you made for them is so encouraging.  It makes me want to get the next one finished and delivered!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sewing Up A Storm and August Stash Report

I can't make up for all the lost sewing time my broken arm caused, but I have been sewing up a storm lately.  I'm getting lots done, but storms do leave a mess in their wake.  This is what my sewing room looks like today .....

Even my treadmill has quilty stuff on and around it.

All the recent sewing has made a little dent in my stash.  This is the first stash report since before my accident.  Even though I lost some sewing time this year I feel confident I'll make my stash-busting goal to use at least 100 yards.  

April through August
Fabric Added in August  -  5 yards
Fabric Used in August - 20.27 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 7 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date - 88.89 yards

Net used in 2015 - 81.89 yards

Sunday, September 6, 2015

September Goal -- Navy and Grey

I have several goals for this month, but we're only supposed to share one goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  That one goal is another baby quilt.  I know I've made quite a few already this year, but that's one project I never grow tired of.  Besides, those babies just keep being born!  This particular baby will be coming home in October to a navy and grey nursery.  I plan to add a bright white to make a variation of a chevron quilt and use a fun geometric print on the back. Here are the fabrics .....

I am linking up with the September Goal Setting Party at Fiber of All Sorts.