Sunday, September 1, 2019

My First One Block Wonder

I bought this fabric almost 10 years ago thinking I would make a One Block Wonder (OBW), but I didn't buy enough so it has been patiently waiting in my stash for me to do something with it.  

A friend of mine was teaching the OBW in an online quilt group I help moderate so I decided to see what I could do with it.  I didn't have enough repeats of the fabric to make a very big quilt so I set out to do what I could.  I liked the way the blocks were looking.  With only 33 blocks I was still only going to have enough for a wall-hanging, though, and I wasn't sure I wanted that to happen.

Since you need six repeats to cut out enough triangles for hexagons, and I only had three repeats left,  I decided to play.  I made half-hexagons with some of the triangles and put them together .....

..... and I just cut out whatever triangles I could using the leftover scraps.  I mixed those up into half-hexies.

It was fun to really play and see what kind of layout I could come up with.  It went from this .....

..... to this .....

..... and once I got the borders on it looked like this.

It's still not very big but definitely big enough for a fun baby quilt.   A trip to my LQS ended with the perfect backing fabric.

I'm going to go a little outside the box on this one and do some big stitch quilting with Perle Cotton.   It's all basted and ready to go.  I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Nolan's Baby Quilt

So much has been going on in my life this year that quilty goals and blog-writing keep getting pushed to the bottom of the "to do" list. There's no way to make up for lost time, but it's never too late to start again, so here I am.  I've been making the quilty part a priority  lately. Now it's time to blog about it.

A brand new great-nephew appeared on the scene in January. Knowing that bears were part of the nursery theme I chose to make a bear paw quilt in nursery colors as his "being born" gift.  I took one of the sheets to my LQS to find the perfect fabrics.

Any pattern with half-square-triangles goes together quickly, and these blocks did just that.

 Hand quilting always makes a quilt extra special.  

Scrappy binding.....

.....leftover blocks on the back.....

.....Baby's name embroidered as a label.....

.....and done!  Don't you love watching people's faces when you gift a quilt?  

Mommy loved it.  Nolan seemed especially pleased with his new sunglasses from Aunt Sandy, too.

I believe he was looking ahead to all the future snuggling time with his new quilt.

This is Nolan a few months later enjoying his quilt and even dressing to match.  He's quite a guy!

In the days ahead I hope to show you at least a little of what I've been up to lately.  I haven't been a total slug!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Debbie's Quilt - A Finish!

The last time I shared with you about Debbie's quilt the top was finished, the backing was ordered, and I was getting ready to mail it off to my quilter friend, Shirley Jackson.   The pantograph and thread choices are perfect for this quilt.  But, of course. Shirley always does a beautiful job.

In 2017 Debbie asked me to make her a new quilt because the one I had made for her 36 years earlier was worn out, I was more than happy to. That's why this quilt will no longer be known as "Debbie's Quilt", but rather "Because You Asked".   (I'm not usually any good at naming quilts, but I like this name!)

This is my first finish for 2019.

I was excited to be able to make a trip to St. Louis recently to gift it in person.  Partly because it weighs a ton, and I didn't want to mail it. 

Mostly because I wanted to see Debbie's face and bask in the glow of her love and admiration.  Not really.  I just wanted to love on her a little bit.  I don't get to see her often enough.

So, it's finally in Debbie's arms.  Seriously.  It's probably actually in her arms this very minute.  She was so happy when I gave it to her the other evening I feel certain she's yet to let it go.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

"I am behind my time..."

Just like ole Bob Cratchit, I am a little bit late.  This is my first post in 2019.  Coming out of the holidays and into the new year, dreary winter weather, and not as much daylight as is good for you, are all things that never fail to put me into a real funk in January and February.  The low mood wasn't really bad this year, but adding being super busy to that, well, you get the picture.  Spring IS right around the corner which should be reason enough to perk up, but one day of sunshine in the last two weeks isn't helping.   Nevertheless, here I am!

I have been busy and getting into my sewing room some, but I thought I would summarize 2018 before sharing what I've been up to lately.  I HAD 17 FINISHES LAST YEAR!  (If you click on any highlighted quilt names you can read more about it.)  I noticed I had a slow start in 2018, too, with my first finish being in March.  Hmmm, I see a pattern here.

MARCH finishes --

"Zen Chic" 

Two "Tom & Jerry" quilts 


Two doll quilts for "A Doll Like Me" 


Josh's T-Shirt quilt  and  "Hypnotic"


"Riding in Cars with Denise" 


Doll quilt for "A Doll Like Me",  AJ's quilt, and "Disaster Averted"

"A Quilt for Joan" 


"Love and Friendship"


"Retro Frames"




"StL Cards".....  

.....and "Tickled Pink"

This is one I haven't shared before.  I sneaked it in at the last minute between Christmas and New Years.  I needed a little "Sewing Room Therapy" so I made one last charity quilt for the year.  I keep a box of bright 5" squares and some pieces large enough for backings just in case I feel like sewing but don't really have a plan.  This is the result. A quilt for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

I'm thinking 2018 was a very good year!