Friday, May 3, 2013

My New Project for April -- Tile Tango

When you make a little girl a baby quilt, and she loves it so much that she keeps it on her bed long after she has outgrown it, she deserves a new quilt.  A big girl quilt!  There are so many pretty quilt patterns available from which to choose these days.  I decided to use the Tile Tango pattern by Atkinson Designs for Aemarys's quilt. 

You can see that I starting pulling from my "Brights" stash when I came across this colorful version! I wish I knew where I found this photo; I would certainly give credit for it.

So far I only have one block completed, but that's enough to qualify as a new project for the 2013 NewFo Challenge!

I'm getting a little nervous about all these new projects.  If I don't get them finished this calendar year I'll have to move them to my UFO list.  I don't like that.........

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