Saturday, August 4, 2018

Two-Step Baby Quilt

I'm working on a quilt right now that is way outside my comfort zone.  When a lot of quilters say that they mean they're working on something bright, and artsy, and fun. When I say it I mean pastel, and simple, and sweet.   

A group of online quilty friends had a challenge quilt-along in July.  We were to make a quilt using the Two-Step pattern by Missouri Star Company's Jenny Doan.  You can see her video tutorial here.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to make a "put back for the great-grands" quilt, and I had a fat-quarter tower I had bought just for that purpose.  It's the Love & Friendship line by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit Fabrics. 

See what I mean?  Not the sort of fabrics I normally work with.

The Two-Step block is simple and goes together fast .....

..... but, you do need to pay attention when you put them together.  All the blocks were supposed to look like the one on the left.  Thankfully only two of them had to be ripped out and remade because they were like the block on the right.  Whew!

Not too much arranging and rearranging before it was a flimsy .....

..... and now it's basted and ready to hand quilt.  

The final step will be setting it aside for some special someone to love and treasure some day.  I know I've fallen in love with it.  Who would've thought?

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Block by Block

Our local quilt shop, Patches and Stitches, is celebrating their 40th Anniversary. One of their celebration activities is a Block by Block sew-along.  (Oh, yeah, and a 40% discount on a different item or category every week.  But we won't talk about that.)  The owner of the shop designed a quilt using forty different block designs.  Customers received block patterns two at a time as well as directions for the quilt layout.   The first forty customers to return to the shop with a completed quilt, having used all forty blocks in it, received a $40 gift certificate from Patches and Stitches.   (Spoiler Alert --- I got one!) 

This is the quilt made and displayed by Patches and Stitches, done mostly in pastels and finishing at 87" by 96". So. Not. Me.

I used scrappy batiks from my stash for all the blocks ..... 

..... and a really pretty taupe for the sashing.

My friend, Denise, and I had a weekly date to get our patterns and have lunch out.  We kept each other on track, we admired each other's blocks, and we had a lot of fun.  Twenty weeks went by fast, then it was time to take all those blocks I'd made and start to play.  My design wall came in handy!

Since all forty blocks had to be used I chose to make my quilt reversible.  And since I need a quilt to keep in my car "just in case" I decided to make it a car quilt.  (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also added some appliqu├ęd circles.) This is the front .....

..... and this is the back.

Denise did her own thing, too by using gray prints and putting her blocks together without any sashing.   It's gorgeous!   This is the photo taken at Patches and Stitches for their Facebook page. 

Because mine is reversible they had to take more than one of me!

To commemorate our experience I had a special label custom made by, who else, Denise!

This was the first time I've participated in a Local Quilt Shop Block of the Month, or Row by Row, or Block by Block, and I'm so glad I did.  I really like my quilt.  

Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Hexie Update

I started making hexies a while back.  Not because I love hexies.  Just because I wanted to always have some handwork available when I needed something to do.  I even took them along to the beach in June and never touched them.  Maybe I liked having them along just in case.  Or maybe I didn't want to mess up that beautiful box, it was so pretty, and organized!

I don't really have any kind of plan for putting them together, I just know I want to do something different. (Surprised?) I've decided to go Improv, just playing with a layout, sewing them together, and seeing where it goes.  It started like this .....

..... and then I played a little.

And now it looks like this.

I asked Hubby what he thought, and he said, "I don't know. It's hard to tell where it's going."  My answer?  "That's the point!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

And Then This Happened.....

June has been the craziest month ever!  I knew I would only be home for 10 days this month, what with two trips to St. Louis, one to Indianapolis, one to Asheville, and one to Destin.  I knew I would be too busy to get much, if any, sewing done.  BUT, I thought if I took it with me everywhere I went I could get a little hand sewing done.  AND, I really thought since I had lots of photos on my desktop of previous projects I would have time to blog at least a few times.  Huh!  Guess I was wrong.

I even thought that maybe I would be able to make at least a few hexies to add to the collection for I-have-no-idea-what-project I'll decide to make with them.  You know, for all those evenings sitting around not doing much of anything.

Then, this happened!

My son and his family are here .....

..... Hubby too, of course!

The beach is pretty amazing .....

And the food!  What can I say?!?!

So, I guess my project bag will stay exactly where I dropped it when we got here .....

..... and until we get home I'll just keep enjoying this!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Yummy Prize

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict has posted the Hands 2 Help Challenge results HERE.

It turns out I was one of 150 quilters participating this year donating 416 quilts around the globe.  

Because of all the wonderful sponsors of the event everyone's a winner.  My prize is .....

..... this beautiful Layer Cake by Moda.  That's 42 (10" x 10") fabric squares from the Hushabye Hollow collection by Lydia Nelson.  You can see the entire collection in this image. 

So, what does a quilty girl like me do when she receives a gift of 2.5 yards of gorgeous fabric? She orders more, of course!   I mean, no matter what I decide to make from my prize I'll probably need borders and backing, right?

Seriously, though, I think this collection will be perfect to make a couple of "put back for the grands" quilts.

Thank you Sarah for organizing such a great charity quilt drive, and thank you Moda and the rest of the sponsors for providing such wonderful prizes.  I'm already looking forward to next year's challenge. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

T-Shirt Quilt - The Rest of the Story

In the last update in this post Josh's T-Shirt quilt was ready to deliver to my long-arm-quilter friend, Shirley Jackson.   We chose a pantograph, selected a thread, and she got to work.

Getting regular photo updates from her was fun.

After watching the progress I was pretty excited to open the box when it came in the mail.

My friend, Denise was kind enough to make a label for me.

Next up was binding - my favorite part!


Then, it was time to deliver it.  Actually, that is my favorite part.

Oh, wait!  That smile.  That is my favorite part.