Saturday, October 13, 2018

Getting Modern

I've been a member of the Modern Quilt Guild for a while, but I just recently got around to joining the local branch.  In September I visited the Rocket City Modern Quilt Guild (what else would you call the group in Huntsville, Alabama?) and decided to become an active member right away by jumping into some of their current projects.

When the half-square triangle piecing papers were passed around I grabbed a few to take home, found a few 10" squares, and made some half-square triangles to take back with me when I go to the meeting next week.

I also brought home one of the partially made round-robin quilts the guild members pass around hoping the quilts will grow as volunteers add something.  Once they reach a suitable size they're made into charity quilts.  I chose the bag with these fabrics .....

..... and this partially made top.

I was drawn immediately to the print and the fact that someone had fussy cut it for the first block.  I wanted to use that somehow.

I wanted to bring in more greens so I came up with these blocks.

That print makes my blocks look a lot more complicated than they are.

That was fun.  I'm looking forward to seeing this top come together!


  1. Super use of fussy cutting, Sandy! Makes your blocks look like fancy ceramic tiles :)

  2. Ha! I was about to say exactly what Louise has put in her comment. You found a clever way to use that lovely fabric.