Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Creative Kingdom

When we finished our basement several years ago, Sweet Adorable Hubby very readily agreed that I needed my own special place in which to create to my heart's content.  It is the most amazing sewing room/quilting studio, and I couldn't love it more.

So come on in!!
This is the door, and I have to say it really is a good place for some serious quilty therapy!  This wall-hanging was made from a kit, but I had to re-design it to fit on the door because the original pattern was too wide.  
Looking in from the doorway, my design wall is on the left and my ironing area is straight ahead.  I made a "Big Board" for myself and set it on top of two cabinets where I store batting, embellishments and ironing supplies.  Hanging above my ironing area is Sweet Adorable Hubby's grandmother's walnut ironing board sans legs.  In the window I have displayed her antique irons and darning eggs.  

The machine I use the most for regular sewing is my Bernina 1230 which is set into a Horn of America cabinet. And you can see I have lots of storage there, too, especially with added drawers and bins.  

I decorate my bulletin board with postcards, little gifts from friends and special pics.  
The walls are mostly decorated with gifts, fabric that's too pretty to cut, artwork, a framed poster, and my own wall-hangings.

On the next wall is my Bernina 440 QE which I use mostly for machine quilting.....
(Don't you love my neon green trashcan?)

And then there are bunches of storage cabinets.  (I have to confess that this room includes my scrapbooking stuff, too!)
Above my computer desk, is my "Niece Wall" where photos of all my darling nieces are displayed.  I recently had some of them reframed and ended up with a gap, but I have a little quilty idea in mind to fill that!
I have a very cool cutting area complete with a Bose sound system for my iPod (compliments of that dear Hubby of mine!) and a TV.  

Above that shelves house more gifts from friends.   The wall-hanging ("Nightmare on Quilty Lane") is my own design.  I made it for a Keepsake Quilting contest but it was totally rejected.  I like it though!
Coming all the way around the room you can see my bookcase.  It's just the right size to keep me from collecting too many books and magazines!
So now that you know where I love to spend my time, I need to get in there and get creating done.  Do ya think??


  1. Wow, really looks great! I love all the cabinet space.

  2. Several changes made since I saw it last. I love this room. It just invites creativity. Thanks for sharing. Soooo glad you're feeling better. Love you.

  3. Hmmmm...it takes you getting laid up to get you to blog. I'll have to remember that. Seeing your "studio" reminds me of our getting together....which will be soon again!!! Take care.

  4. Beautiful but WAY too clean. You need those grandsons of yours over again to "help" you organize your scraps! :)

  5. What a wonderful room you have!

  6. I really do love my sewing room. And it is only clean in the photos. In real life it's usually a mess! Those photos were taken over the course of about 3 months -- one section at a time! LOL

    Gavin and Aidan didn't get in there last week when they were here. We just ran out of time!

  7. Sandy, I agree that you have a sewing room to dye for! I know that you are creative even without that special room. By the way, I'm still waiting for a reply on my quilting offer. Get in touch soon. Happy Easter to you and yours. Dar S