Thursday, June 24, 2010

Retreat Report -- Part 2

I had so much fun playing "Secret Quilter" for Cat at retreat.  The most difficult part was sneaking gifts to her sewing area without getting caught.  Once, when everyone from her table was off shopping at a local Quilt Shop, I slipped a gift under a newspaper next to her sewing machine.  When she got back, I watched.  And I watched.  And then when she picked up the newspaper and stood there reading it, I watched some more.  She finally found the gift, an apron I had made for her, and for the rest of the 5 day retreat I don't think she took it off!  
The pocket on the apron came in handy.  After one of our meals in the dining area at the retreat center, we left a tip for her on our table so she picked it up and stuffed it in there!

I bought her some really pretty batiks in her favorite fall colors and folded them into what I hoped would pass for a bouquet.  Then I received my own surprise birthday bouquet from my son and his family.  Cat didn't know I was her "Secret Quilter" yet, but I asked her to pose with me for a picture since our bouquets were almost identical.  (I'm right...... Right??)
The person who had my name did a fantastic job of surprising me.  It seemed like every time I left my sewing machine, I came back to find a gift there.  And there was no lack of chocolate!   I never did figure out who it was.  Rilla is the BEST "Secret Quilter" EVER!!!!  

Although, now that I think about it, I should have known it was Rilla when I received the very first gift........


  1. Is she talking about her body or yours? :D

  2. Haha! I think we are both in the same category these days!