Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aaron and Leah's Blooming Nine Patch

I used to be the kind of quilter who signed up for every workshop my quilt guild offered, started the project being taught at each retreat I went to, got involved in every block swap my online quilt group dreamed up, and joined in every round robin that came along.  Uh huh......some of you know exactly what I am talking about.  And that's how you end up with all those UFO's!  

So, naturally in 2002 when the Blooming Nine Patch was going to be taught at my guild retreat, I just had to make one.  I asked Aaron and Leah, who were "just friends" and both art majors, to help me select the fabrics. We had a blast at the quilt shop and these are the fabrics we came home with ......

One of the tools we used to organize our fabrics at retreat was this sheet .....  

Even though this quilt is partially strip-pieced it's difficult to keep all the pieces lined up and in the right order.  Then, as you can see, I added several rows because I wanted it to end up a King size.  

Once it was coming together into a completed top, it was obvious that it wasn't going to look really finished unless it had a darker final border so I added even more rows, this fabric.....

.....and a black Moda Marble

NOW it looks finished.  And it's a mere 110" by 120"  
It IS pretty, though, isn't it?

Aaron and Leah are still friends, AND they just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary.  They had actually forgotten all about this quilt.  Not me!  It's the oldest thing on my UFO list!  

Since it's another humongous quilt (I've made a few of those!) I thought I would have it machine quilted by a professional.  Well, my son and daughter-in-law are kind of sentimental and romantic.  They want ME to quilt it.  Awwww!  Aren't they cute?

Because it's way too big for me to machine quilt, that means hand-quilting.
Of the 1,010 blocks I have 37 quilted so far.  I just might be able to get it done in time for their 10th anniversary!


  1. That is a beauty! I know you, they will have it for their 8th anniversary. never mind the 10th.

  2. It's really beautiful Sandy!

  3. Sandy, It IS beautiful, no matter how you quilt it. I guess this means that you are not going to quilt it on my la machine??? It will be much more special for you hand quilting it, but I'll miss the fun we would of had with you quilting on Gabi. She was so looking forward to it too.:) Dar

  4. Dar, thank you SO much for saying I could quilt it on your longarm. I think the kids will really like it better this way. You are such a sweetheart.

    Besides, I have 48 blocks quilted now, so see how fast it's gonna go? LOL