Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Halloween Basket" for Christmas

Sometimes when a niece or nephew gets married I make a simple scrap comforter tied with yarn and give it to them as part of their shower gift.  Everyone loves comforters.  They come in handy for all kinds of things and last just about forever.  

Laura got one in 2002.   

Catherine got one in 2005.

As soon as Travis laid eyes on Vanessa in 2007 while they were both in the Army he decided she was "the one" and there was no need to wait, so they were married within months.  I barely had time to say, "Congratulations" much less make any gifts.  Other projects became priorities, including quilts as their babies came along, and the comforter just never got made.  

I bought Paula Hughes' pattern Over and Under because I thought I would make it "someday" out of oriental prints, but when I found out what Travis and Vanessa's favorite holiday is, I wanted to use the pattern for their quilt and all those HALLOWEEN prints I'd been saving would be perfect for it.

And a matching pillowcase for every one in the family!  

I had just the right amount of spiderweb fabric in my stash to add to the backing and make it even more fun!
        Merry Christmas to you, Travis and Vanessa!     

                  (And Happy Halloween, too!)

By the way, just so you know, sometimes they really look like this!


  1. Great pictures. Love the look on the baby with his KISS makeup. Kinda scary!

  2. Love the Kiss picture! The baby is so cute! Adorable family and love the quilt!

  3. Thanks, Heather. I wish Phenyx was facing the camera more so you could see the black star surrounding his other eye. What fun!

  4. Sandy, Those are really scary photos, but they really pulled it off. I love, love love your over and under quilt. I need that recipe too! Love the pictures of the other quilts you made for the girls. What a nice aunty you are -- of course I knew that already. Happy New Year. Dar