Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Round Robin

I'm trying to be brave.  I really am.  I have had some very interesting experiences with Round Robins and had to do some major re-working on some of them.  It goes with the territory.  When you sign up to be involved in any kind of block swap or round robin you are taking a risk because some of the people involved are inexperienced quilters, but it really is a lot of fun. 

I wanted to do something really different for this one and maybe a little abstract for my center block.  My first choice of fabrics did not work well at all. 

I didn't realize the print was so directional until I had it put together and took a photo of it.  Yuck!

My second attempt was much better.  

I used a plastic template to draw a pattern........

.......and cut some shapes to applique onto my center block.

Looking good, right??  Love the fabrics, love the shapes, love the colors!  However, once I got the pieces stitched down and took a picture of it I realized that they look kind of like chicken drumsticks.  Eeeek!

I will probably add some more applique and embroidery to it once the completed top comes back to me.  The big risk with this one is this -- some of the gals in this group have a real interesting sense of humor so no telling what it will look like after several rounds are added.  It may end up with chickens and barns and all kinds of strange things.  It doesn't matter, though.  I know that whatever they do to it, I will love, love, love it!!!


  1. LOL! Too bad that I am not in your group!

  2. I'm really surprised that the first print was so directional also, guess you never know. Love what your doing with the second one. Have fun.

  3. Hmmmm, chicken drumsticks??? Had not thought of that, hehehehe....

    Don't worry, no chickens or barns coming from me!

  4. What's the next border supposed to be? I could see adding circles in varying sized to your center. hhmmmmmm....very interesting. I am surprised you have time for this. ;)

  5. I was thinking of potato salad and a glass of sweet tea