Sunday, December 30, 2012

I am so embarrassed!

I keep track of all my quilts and quilted projects on an Excel spreadsheet, and I just took a look at my totals for 2012.  Hmmm, something has happened to my momentum!  

In 2008 I completed twenty-eight quilts, nineteen of which were for charity.   This stack and slash quilt was made and hand-quilted for baby Seth....

....and I made this quilted stocking for our grandson, Aidan.

In 2009 I completed eighteen quilts. Two of my favorites are this "Wacky Blues"  quilt I made and hand-quilted for our great-nephew Phenyx....

....and this quilt I made for our grandson Noah's bed using a Hockey print for the focus fabric and red, white and blue alternate blocks. 

In 2010 I completed fifteen quilts.  One was a Black & White & Bright baby quilt for a friend's new baby, Max....

....and one was a little quilt for Noah's stuffed monkey, made out of the leftovers from his quilt. 

Then in 2011 I completed twenty quilts.  The only one I haven't blogged about in a previous post is the baby quilt I made for our great-nephew Christopher.  I used some blue strips I found in my sewing room and pieced them with white squares, similar to the Allegro pattern by Terry Atkinson, then hand-quilted it.  

That brings us to 2012, which will be ending in one more day.  That is not much time to bump up my totals, so I will admit that I only completed seven (yes, seven) quilts this year.  That includes not one single UFO.  ((sigh))  And I even blogged about all of them so there isn't anything else to add.  Except maybe one of the reasons.   Better make that THREE of the reasons.


  1. Ahhh..those are good reasons. Don't beat yourself up over the numbers. It all depends on how big or small the quilts are and you have done some pretty big quilts lately. Just enjoy the process.

  2. As talented as you are at quilting, you are an even better Grandma. Looks like you have your priorities in order. Quilting for enjoyment - a novel idea! Here's to a New Year of enjoying Grandsons AND quilting - and in that order. Looking forward to the pictures & stories of both. Love you.