Thursday, July 11, 2013

And All is Right With the World!

After I wrote this blog about the pre-cut kit that ruined a whole day of my retreat in June, I emailed both Marcus Fabricswho manufactured the kit, and Hancock's of Paducahwho sold the kit.)

Within 4 hours I had a response from HoP offering me a full credit in the form of a store voucher, even though they were in no way responsible for the quality of the merchandise they had sold.  I refused their offer for just that reason, but Justin Hancock still insisted I at least take their offer of free shipping on my next order.  I doubt I will take that either, but the next time I am in Paducah I want to shake that man's hand!  What excellent customer service!!

About three days later I received a response from Marcus apologizing, informing me that they were aware of the problem, were cutting new kits, and that I could exchange it at the retailer in August.  I thought the reply was a little cold and impersonal so I told them so in a follow-up email.  Today, I received a personal call from them.  I guess they do want me to be a happy customer.   I'm still hesitant to use another one of their products.  You know, "Once burned, twice shy" and all that.  I did think it was only fair to let you know about their response, though since I told you about the problem.  

I am not the kind of person who writes complaint letters at the drop of a hat, being generally pretty good at giving people the benefit of the doubt.   I would much rather write letters of praise and let companies know how much I appreciate their product or their service, and I often do.  One thing is certain.   It's a lot more fun to be in that position!!


  1. VERY interesting that they made the extra effort and called you! I think the problem is more prevalent than just you, I've heard (and experienced) the same with other brands. Glad to know customer cpservice isn't completely dead!

  2. Sandy, you handled this in such a professional and kind way. I think Marcus Brothers should send you an apology "gift" of fabric to make up for your wasted time too.