Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally! A Finish!!

The mostly pink Tile Tango quilt I started as a NewFo in April is finished!  This is my first finish since July so I'm pretty excited.  I used to get about 15 to 20 quilts made every year until I moved to Alabama to be near my grandchildren.  Now for some strange reason I don't have nearly as much time to sew as I did before!  (It's a good trade off though -- I LOVE being here!!)

I used Bubble Gum pink Rainbow thread by Superior Threads and quilted it on my Bernina.

It was fun cramming a 75" x 108" quilt through a domestic machine.  

That's why I decided that instead of stippling I would just stitch along the seam lines with my machine's serpentine stitch.  I really like the way it looks.

After I quilted it I cleaned and oiled my machine and changed the needle which is really important to do between projects.  I use a Q-tip to clean out the dust because canned air actually forces the dust into the machine, and blowing into it to get the dust out puts the moisture from your breath into the machine - neither of which is a good thing!  Can you tell it needed a little cleaning?

Since the pink fabric is called "Cotton Candy" and the thread is called "Bubble Gum" I had some fun quilt names running through my head, but Sweet Adorable Hubby suggested "Pretty in Pink" and I think that's the perfect name for it.  

So tonight I will sleep under it (something I always do before giving away a quilt) and tomorrow I will wash it and get it ready to mail.  I can hardly wait for Aemarys to get her new quilt.  She has loved her baby quilt so long.  She's ready for a big girl quilt!


  1. Lovely quilt. Congratulations on the finish.

  2. What a perfect Little Girl Quilt! And I love the name Phil chose! You guys are a great team!

    Well, I finally have my very own Sandy Panagos quilt!! When we returned to Chicago earlier this month for my cousin Roger's Memorial Service, we stopped in for another visit with Lyndell and Ted (Roger's brother). While there, she bequeathed me the wedding quilt our Grandma made for them over 35 years ago, AND the quilt you made for her from her original wedding gown. We opened it up, lovingly admiring its beauty while again recalling your sweet, generous offer to remake a source of hurt into a precious treasure. Lyndell designated in her will for me to receive both quilts, and when we visited her (& Ted) for the second time this autumn she chose to present it to me early. I plan to hang it in one of our bedrooms, where I can gaze at it as often as I want and can finally stop being envious of the myriad of others that have received your artistic works of the heart!! :) Love you, Dear Friend

  3. Sandy, I am so proud of you tackling that size quilt. I couldn't tell from the previous picture just how big it was! Phil picked the perfect name too. Nice finish!

  4. I think that little girl is going to love that quilt.