Thursday, November 14, 2013

Progress -- Aidan's Quilt is a Top!

For some reason I have been really motivated on this project and have Aidan's quilt already into a top.  Using a pretty easy pattern helps, but the fact that Aidan checks on my progress whenever he's here doesn't hurt!  The blocks go fast and stacked up pretty quickly.

Getting to spend time sewing with friends one day last week helped, too.  I got all the strips made and most of the rows put together that day. 

This is such a fun quilt.  I really love the way you "see" curves but all the seams  are straight lines.  Putting on the first black inner border made it really float.

If this is to be a real Alabama quilt I needed to get some Houndstooth into it so I ordered that from  Once again, I am happy to report great service.  Not only was it delivered within a few days, but apparently they have an "end of the bolt" deal.  I got an extra 17 inches of fabric.  Can't argue about that!

I had found another Alabama print (online of course!) which I used for the final border and got the top finished today.

I'm pretty pleased with this one.  I'm going to cut the binding from what's left of the Houndstooth fabric and use everything else that's leftover for a pieced backing.

The next time Aidan is here to check on my progress he'll have a surprise!


  1. Love all the "As" in the final border! Must stand for Aidan! Looking forward to a photo of him with the finished quilt.

  2. That is cool; and how satisfying to get something completed so quickly and knowing it is going to be very loved.

  3. Sandy, I do like that pattern. I remember you making another one using it. This is so cute and Aidan will love it. I think the "a" in that final border is perfect -- for Aidan and Alabama too!! You are so smart.