Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Zelda Project

I started a really fun project today - a wall-hanging for my nephew Josh's game room.   He had seen some quilts done by Eric the Quilter and wondered if I could do something similar.    I know a lot about quilting, but I don't know much about The Legend of Zelda, so I needed a little help from Google.  I found my inspiration.

I sketched out some blocks and decided on a layout.

Then I started sewing.  I have 4 of the blocks finished - the Sword.....

.....the Bomb.....

.....the Rupee.....

.....and the Mana Potion.

(I did have to ask Josh what these things were, except for the bomb.  I was pretty sure I recognized that.)

So far, so good, on this new project.  I'm thinking it will go pretty fast. 

It's been way too long since I made a quilt for him.  That was his "Going Away to College" quilt in 2004.  

That one was a little more traditional, for sure!

I think this new quilt will get just as good a smile from Josh, though.  


  1. You're a good aunt. That is going to be a cook quilt.

  2. What a challenge. It looks so interesting and I know you are up to the challenge. He will love you forever.