Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finally - QRC Quilt is Finished

In January I started on a QRC quilt and told about it in this post.  Then, in February I finished quilting it and told about it in this post.  I really can't remember when I got around to binding it, but I'm thinking it was sometime around August.  A couple of weeks ago, f i n a l l y, I put the sleeve on it.  It is finished.  Whew!  That was one dragged out project!

Now, at long last, I can reveal the secret - what it says and who it is for.  There are several cell phone apps available for reading QRC codes.  I use ScanLife. 

That's right.  It's for Sweet Adorable Hubby to hang in his office.   And that is just what he has done.  He took it to work with him yesterday.

This was a fun little quilt to make.  So grateful that my Sweet Adorable Hubby appreciates it.

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