Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hudson's Quilt

When I bought the fabric for "Grampa's Little Genius"  which I told you about in this post,  I bought more than I needed hoping to make another baby quilt from it.   I loved a quilt my friend Rita had made after "seeing it somewhere," so I sketched it out and determined that I had enough for it.  I cut it out and set it aside waiting for just the right baby.

Recently Baby Hudson made his entrance into this world so I started looking for quilt ideas trying to figure out what to make for him.  His Aunt Leah sent me a photo of his nursery, and guess what?  The wall color works perfectly with this fabric.  I got busy!

This was a really fun quilt to work on because of having everything prepped ahead of time.  Maybe I should do that more often.  It went together fast.

Straight-line quilting was the right choice for this quilt.  I'm getting a little better at it, I think.  Even if it's not perfect I mean for these quilts to be used, spit up on (and worse!) and dragged around.  After a few washings, who can tell, right?

So, another baby quilt went into the mail, and a sweet little baby can start snuggling right away.

Hudson's mama sent me these photos of him so I could include them here.  I think he likes it!  If nothing else, he's feeling very mellow about it.  

I'm linking up with WIP's Be Gone at A Quilting Reader's Garden.


  1. Oh, I just love seeing babies on their quilts. That one turned out really cute and for such a cute baby, too. Nice job Sandy!

  2. What a precious! He is so alert for such a tiny baby. I just want to hold him so much. Congrats to you all for this blessed addition to the family. And his quilt is so delightful too. You did great, Grandma. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone. I loved coming over and seeing all the great news.