Sunday, July 3, 2016

Retreat Report

In spite of the issues I had prepping my projects for retreat, I got a lot of sewing done while I was there.  The I-Spy quilt went together well, and turned out so much better with the black corners than it would have the way I originally planned it when I cut it out.

Just look at some of these fun prints!

Half the fun of making an I-Spy quilt is working with such cute fabrics.  I have so many from a swap I was in a while back that I think I can make at least two more.    

Almost forgot the pigs on surfboards!

I was able to finish two other tops that week.  One is a kids' quilt for charity.  Someone else had made the blocks and I just put them together.  I think it's a pattern I might use again sometime. 

It's a basic block that looks really easy, but creates an interesting pattern. You could lay out the blocks several other ways to get different looks.    

I worked on two other projects.  One was a quilt I need to finish for a birthday coming up so I can only give you a peek for now.
The other one I'll write more about as soon as I gift it, but I'll give you a peek of that one too.

This was probably one of the most productive retreats I've ever been to, even with all the talking, laughing, and shopping.  I'm so glad I have such good quilty friends to spend time with at retreats.  I come home motivated and inspired.  I think I might get some sewing done this month!


  1. You had a very productive retreat! I love the projects too.

  2. I like how you reworked the I-spy quilt. Cute.

  3. Love your I Spy. The black (and white) print sure does add sparkle. Also love the zig zag quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing your retreat glad it was productive and I too like how ya reworked the I Spy...Looks Great!

  5. I loved all your retreat projects and the I Spy turned out so cute with those black cornerstones. Especially liked the charity block one too. You worked your little fingers to the bone at retreat. Surprised you still have any feeling left in them for more quilting. You are wonder woman when it comes to getting those quilts finished and in the mail. You go girl.!!