Friday, August 25, 2017

Finding Dory - Another Friday Finish

Even though I bought the "Finding Dory" charm pack two years ago I'm calling this quilt a fast finish.  After all, I just started working on it a few weeks ago.   I told you last week in this post that I had the blocks put together.  What I didn't admit was that I had measured the sashing pieces wrong.  For some reason, knowing full well that charm packs have 5" squares, I cut the strips 5 1/2" long.

That made for extra work because I had to trim twice for every single block.

After the top was put together I noticed that one of the pieces was upside down.  Either that, or these are some very directionally challenged jellyfish!

I did not take the whole thing apart, but I did feel like this -

I wanted to use blue for the border and backing, but I don't have a great selection of blues in my stash.  As I fell asleep one night, trying to figure out what to do, I suddenly remembered --- Gavin's curtains!  Okay, let me explain.   When my grandson was about six years old, I made blue curtains for his bedroom.  Of course all the photos I could find of the curtains have him in them, and in most of them he's jumping on this bed.  I'm okay with that!

The point is, when his room was redecorated a few years ago I deconstructed those curtains and saved the fabric, even the lining.

Basting came next (of course) and then the quilting.  I used yellow thread this time, and I really like it.

Every once in a while I had to leave my sewing room and do something boring -- like making dinner.  That's when I felt like this -

Did I say, "something boring?"  I meant, "something else." (Yes, I'm being silly.  I'm having fun with this. Can you tell I like this fabric?)

It's done and ready to donate to Choose Life of North Alabama.  

I thought you would like to see what Denise made.  It's so cute!  The snowball blocks set with the polka dots - love it!

This is my 11th finish for the year and the 6th for Choose Life.  I'm on a roll.  Just imagine what I could get done if I never had to stop and cook!

I'm linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for another Whoop! Whoop!


  1. This is such a fun quilt, especially the backing! What a great idea! You also have given me visual hope for the boy quilt I'm hoping to make of leftovers by cutting charm squares. I really like how this turned out! (And I love how you attached your moods to the characters on the fabric!) Hope mine looks that good when done!

  2. Cute quilt! Great finish. I agree, why do we have to stop for that boring stuff, like make dinner, grocery shop and sleep!

  3. How whimsical! Great save on the blue fabric!

  4. Heeee - That bothersome fact that we all need to eat regularly. . . :D This quilt turned out super cute, despite drunk jellyfish.