Saturday, September 23, 2017

T-Shirt Quilt - A Good Start

Finally, it's time to get going on this T-Shirt Quilt. Sometimes it takes me a while to work my way up to it when I'm starting a new project and it's something I haven't done before.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm really excited about making my first (First?  Does that mean more will follow??) T-shirt Quilt.  

The first step was figuring out which of the 33 (!!!!!) shirts Josh wants me to include in his quilt.  Actually, there are 30 T-shirts, 1 sweatshirt, and 2 Hawaiian shirts. 

Because we don't live near each other we went through the shirts by text message.  I sent one photo at a time and he decided whether to "Keep" or "Get Rid Of" it.  It wasn't until we were almost finished going through all those shirts that I realized it would have been easier to just Face Time.  Next time, right?  In order to keep it all straight and not toss out a shirt by mistake, I immediately pinned a "Keep" tag on each of the keepers.  

I put most of the "get rid of" shirts into a bag to take to the thrift store.

Two poor shirts with lots of puff paints on them went straight into the trash.  

I think they were from elementary school, and I was secretly glad he didn't want to use them.  I just wasn't sure about those puff paints!

Surprise, surprise!  The "Keep" pile was a lot bigger than the "Get Rid Of" pile!

I have enough stabilizer to get started, so now I can really get going.  I had to trim one of them just so I could feel like this journey has begun.

Let the fun begin!

I am linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Check it out!  There a lot of great quilt projects to read about.


  1. Good luck with your first tee-shirt quilt, Sandy. If you get stuck, shoot me a note. I'm far from the expert, but I've made a few. If nothing else, I can tell you how I do something. Be warned, I am not a traditionalist. I figure things out for myself usually and rules--nah!
    I'm certain you will enjoy making the quilt. Tee-shirts are generally meant for a particular occasion or for a laid-back, easy kind of day. I try to remember that I'm not creating a masterpiece...just a quilt that happens to store memories, and all quilts do that.