Tuesday, June 26, 2018

And Then This Happened.....

June has been the craziest month ever!  I knew I would only be home for 10 days this month, what with two trips to St. Louis, one to Indianapolis, one to Asheville, and one to Destin.  I knew I would be too busy to get much, if any, sewing done.  BUT, I thought if I took it with me everywhere I went I could get a little hand sewing done.  AND, I really thought since I had lots of photos on my desktop of previous projects I would have time to blog at least a few times.  Huh!  Guess I was wrong.

I even thought that maybe I would be able to make at least a few hexies to add to the collection for I-have-no-idea-what-project I'll decide to make with them.  You know, for all those evenings sitting around not doing much of anything.

Then, this happened!

My son and his family are here .....

..... Hubby too, of course!

The beach is pretty amazing .....

And the food!  What can I say?!?!

So, I guess my project bag will stay exactly where I dropped it when we got here .....

..... and until we get home I'll just keep enjoying this!


  1. What a great reason to get nothing done!!

  2. Absolutely lovely! Enjoy this family time in a gorgeous location, guilt free :)

  3. Oh, I agree! Live in the moment, and save your quilty projects for a duller day. Enjoy, enjoy!! It's so beautiful there.