Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ahhh, summer vacation. This is the second year I have taken our grandson, Gavin, to Seattle to visit his Aunt Leah and Uncle Aaron. (He adores his Aunt!) I drove to his home in AL to pick him up and we headed out on our adventure.

Two flights and 13 hours later we were in the gorgeous Northwest. Gavin is a great traveler but Gramma is not! I was totally exhausted by the time we got there so the first day Aaron, Leah and Gavin wore themselves out at Wild Waves Theme Park. I slept off and on all day long - just the kind of first day of vacation I needed!

Since Gavin had "always wanted" a latte we indulged (just a half-shot of decaf espresso and using whole milk) and he's hooked. Every morning Aunt Leah took him for coffee. One of those mornings they ended up at the beach to enjoy their drinks and the beautiful atmosphere. We experienced the most perfect weather during our entire stay. It was great.

A few days later my dear sweet adorable hubby, Phil joined us for a long holiday weekend. We managed to fit a lot of very cool things into a short time actually -- Mike's Chili Parlor in Ballard, Cupcake Royale, Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, and Mt. Rainier. WOW!!

Our son, Aaron and his lovely bride (of 6 years) Leah enjoyed the outting with us, including a snowball fight in July which just made Gavin's day.
Gavin with Gramma (that would be me) and Grampa on Mt. Rainier.

We had dinner one evening at Blue C Sushi in Seattle, a really fun concept in restaurants. Individual dishes of different kinds of sushi make their way around the inside of the room on a conveyer belt, and diners who are seated in booths all around the perimiter, select items as they are passing by. Each plate is color coded to match the posted prices and they are small enough portions to be able to try a real variety of foods. Gavin was brave enough to try something, but ended up with the Japanese equivalent of chicken strips. That's okay -- he braved it for Aunt Leah! Oh yah -- he tried the cream puffs, too!!

Even though I had planned a quilty day with an on-line friend it didn't work out due to a post travelling day migraine, but I'll fit it in for sure the next time I'm up that way. (Which, I hope, is real soon!)


  1. Looks like a great vacation and I'm sure Gavin will remember these special times.

  2. What a great vacation!! Can I carry your bags next time?? ;)