Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Rest of the Retreat Story......

Inside of me is a frustrated photographer struggling to get out. Well, she actually does get out every once in a while. Here's a sample from when that happens. At Retreat I noticed my beautiful sewing basket (thanks, again, Aaron and Leah!) and all my sewing supplies and what a colorful arrangement they made, so I couldn't help but snap a photo. Cute, huh??

Of course, you can't just quilt at a quilting retreat, you have to find another hobby to which you can become addicted. Faye has been showing off some of her beautiful knitting on her blog at so I finally caved and asked her for a refresher course. I had tried knitting a long time ago and never really stuck with it, but she is a great teacher (and Eve helped, too!) so I may just do something with it one of these days. Look what I've done so far! I know, impressive isn't it?!?

I wanted to show you something very cool that my friend Gail showed us at Retreat. She had taken her daughter's bridal gown (at her request, of course) and made a christening gown for her new grandbaby. Isn't it gorgeous? They have the rest of the dress along with the train set aside for a first communion dress. What a sweet tradition!

This is my good friend, Jan. She is a batiks lover like nobody else I know! She just got some new bedroom furniture and everyone knows that means she must have a new quilt. She wasn't sure she would like it until she got quite a few blocks made. It's really pretty, though, and will be just the perfect thing for the new bedroom.

My friend, Rebecca was asked to make a sample quilt for the new book by Jan Krentz, Quick Star Quilts and Beyond. She brought it along for Show and Tell and I was really impressed. She is an excellent quilter and this little quilt is really something. I may need to get the book just so I can have Rebecca autograph it for me!

Well, that about does it for Retreat. About time, I would say! I just spent 10 days travelling with my grandson to see my son and daughter-in-law in Seattle, so next time I'll write a little bit about my family. I like them waaay more than quilting!

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  1. First off, it's good to see you back blogging. Secondly, you need to knit that piece a little larger so at least you can wash a dish with it. In the third place, I can think of a couple other gals at retreat that are just as crazy about batiks as fact I think there is at least a 3-way tie for 1st placers when it comes to batks. The only thing with Jan is that she uses up all her stash and has to start all over again the next time. We still love her though, stash or no stash. :D