Wednesday, May 12, 2010

....and Speaking of Wedding Quilts

I guess we weren't exactly talking about wedding quilts, but since I blogged last week about one of the quilts I made for my older son I thought I would show you one of the quilts I made for my younger son.  And it actually IS a wedding quilt.  

Aaron and Leah went through my magazines when they got engaged and selected the Christmas Star pattern from the 2000 issue of Quilt It For Christmas, published by Quilters Newsletter Magazine.  Then, after they got married we went shopping for batiks at Colonial Quilts in Savannah, GA.  (I have a good excuse for their quilt not being ready by the wedding --- I made Leah's bridal gown, and that kind of took priority.  AND it kind of took a lot of time!)  

This is the completed quilt:  
It finished at 112" square.  The thought of basting it was a little overwhelming to me so I had a friend baste it for me on her longarm machine.  Then I hand-quilted it.  And I finished it before their 4th anniversary.  I really love this quilt!

Here's the quilt on their bed:

This is a close-up of the little wall-hanging over the bed:
Aaron had chosen the pre-printed black whole-cloth panel from The Stencil Company. When I was almost finished with the quilting, I realized I was using dark blue thread to quilt it.  Of course, I thought I had ruined it, but it isn't at all noticeable and may even make the quilting stand out a little more.  Having a wall-hanging framed instead of using a hanger is a nice way to display your work.  And having it hanging in your son's home, is an even nicer way!


  1. Beautiful! Now explain to me the blue thread on the wallhanging. What color is the fabric? It's hard to tell on the photo.

  2. Oops! I forgot to say, and I thought you could tell from the photo, that the wall-hanging is actually black. The blue thread is such a DARK blue that it's not noticeable unless you know what you are looking for.

  3. Absolutely stunning. Very nice job, Sandy, just like always. See you Tuesday.

    Barb B.

  4. Sandy, Beautiful Christmas quilt. WOW is it big! Reminds me that I have a Christmas quilt on my UFO list to finish. :) Dar