Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh, Those Sisters of Mine!

You may remember my sisters.  I made each of them a quilt.  Not one of them can sew a lick.  Or sew on a button for that matter.  They must really love me because they decided to make me a quilt.  And from the photos of them working on it, you can see that they had lots of fun!

This is Carol.....


..Dee Dee..........

..and Debbie.

They surprised me with it at a family bridal shower, and the word "surprise" is an understatement!  They also gave me a framed collage of the above photos and a few others.  All my nieces and great-nieces were in on the surprise so they were there that day, too, which made it very special.  To say I was sobbing almost hysterically is also an understatement!

Some of the fleece squares are tied together on the front, some on the back.  They used the same "technique" with the labels.   In some places the squares are tied together so tightly that the whole section is one big pucker.  And in case you are wondering what to do if you have one extra square leftover..........

Please don't anyone tell them that it is technically NOT a quilt.  I could not love it more!!

I know I am showing a lot of pics, but it was hard to eliminate any, and you have to see the labels.  

So, there you have it.  My special gift from my special sisters.  I love them bunches!  

Oh -- one more thing.  You have to see how much style this "quilt" adds to my home.  It totally blends in with the contemporary decor, don't you think?


  1. What a STITCH!!! LOVE IT! No one has ever made me a quilt, so this is a big honor. It will become your most favorite quilt for snuggling up in when the winter winds blow!! :) Dar

  2. Well, I think it brightens up your room. How lovely. They really love you a lot, don't they?!!!

  3. This is too funny and so typical of the Wagener Sisters.
    Love you all


  4. This is so hilarious. What very special sisters you have. They must love you very much!

  5. Funny, funny, funny! I wish I had sisters! ( Rita)

  6. Sandy, You must have been thrilled. It is sooo special when your sisters make you something. Another happy cottage quilter

  7. That is just fantastic. It is something you'll cherish for the rest of your life. I love it. Your sisters must really love you!

  8. Sandy - that is so funny!!!! I love the quilt and think it looks great in your house. I wish I could have seen you open it. I'm sure you were very surprised. Can't wait to see it in person. Jan

  9. Sandy, that is too funny. I'm glad we can all make you laugh and cry at the same time. We do all love you. Love Barb.

  10. Sandy, that is just wonderful!!! How much fun you sisters have - that is great. And I think the quilt is beautiful and adds a very special touch to your couch. Anxious to see it. (the labels are the best!) They DO know how to complete a quilt! Lucky you - lucky all of you! Valerie

  11. Great blog! The quilt will go with each room of your home - it's so versatile. What a perfect gift - a tangible expression of the fun, colorful, cozy, crazy, precious relationship the 5 of you share. It's your Blessing Quilt! :o) Love you bunches.

  12. Awww! This is great - what a great bunch of loving and well-intentioned sisters you have - lol! In this case, it IS the thought that counts. I especially love the signature blocks and the care instructions and the fact that they took the pictures of each of them working on it documenting their "fun."