Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Quilt Front.......and One More in the Works

I need to finish showing you (ahem....that especially includes you, Mimi) the quilt fronts that go with the backings I posted about here.  After all, I need to move on to something more current.  Oh, wait!  These two quilt fronts are current.  

About a year ago I was in a scrap cutting mood, cutting out all kinds of pieces for possible future quilts.  I bagged up a project called Bricks and Stepping Stones, a free project featured on   My friend Jan was headed to Florida for two months last winter, afraid she would not have enough to keep her busy, so I sent this project with her.  I tried to get her to take more of my unfinished projects, but she wasn't really that worried about having things to do!   She put the top together for me, and last week I used the blue scrappy backing and got the job done -- quilted and bound!

That leaves the pink scrappy backing.  The front of that quilt is all cut out and ready to be put together (yes, by me!) at Retreat this week.

And if Jan says anything about not having enough to do this week,  she may find all this piled up next to her machine.  I have three or four other projects I'm taking with me to work on!


  1. Am I picking on you?..or are you picking on me? And...what's this? You get friends to make your quilts? Another thing...what's this make a backing BEFORE the quilt top is made? tsk, tsk. I can't figure you out! ;)

  2. Not picking on you at all, Mimi. Just didn't want you to miss anything! LOL

    And don't try to figure me out. Nobody can!


  3. That turned out really nice Sandy ..... I have that pattern printed out in my "quilts to do". Can't go wrong with adding black/white to a scrappy mix.

  4. Haha, I hope your stack of printed off patterns to do "someday" isn't as big as mine, but, I bet it is! Thanks for posting!

  5. So happy to see you finished what I started!! Well, you did have all the pieces ready for me, and it did give me something to do in Florida. It looks great. Anything else you need me to do?


  6. Well, Jan, since you ask, I will drop off a bunch of sewing for you to take with you! LOL