Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pink Quilt

In this post I showed you a few of the of quilt backings which I have pieced from scraps.  I've already shown most of the coordinating fronts, but I have this pink quilt left to tell you about.   I started making it for my friend Tina who I see every other Thursday.  In order to be able to finish this quilt quickly after working on the top at Retreat, I made up the backing ahead of time.   In this post I had all the pieces cut out and a few blocks made.  I got the entire top assembled at Retreat and set about getting the quilting done on it last week when I was home.  A secondary pinwheel pattern showed up after putting four blocks together and sashing them, so I did a little fun quilting within the pinwheels. 

Then I did an all-over meander in the blocks, put some loops in the sashing, and stippled in the border. 

The main block in this quilt is called "Shooting Squares" and is from Marcia Hohn's site, Quilter's Cache.  If you have never checked out her site, I highly recommend it.  I can always find something I like there. 

I can hardly wait to present this one, which I have very cleverly entitled, "Thursdays."  What can I say?  I am better at creating quilts than I am at naming them. It is better than "Pink Quilt" though, isn't it?


  1. This is a gorgeous quilt! I love quilts with secondary patterns when put together.

  2. Sandy, WOW. It looks great!! Your quilting is outstanding. I'm really impressed with your choices of what to quilt and where to put them. You are becoming a real diva when it comes to quilting. Dar

  3. I think I remember telling you that I can't believe any of these fabrics were in your stash! But, I do have to say that this a very pretty quilt. And! Look at those cute kids over there on the right! You are one lucky lady.

  4. I love this quilt, nice job....