Monday, March 14, 2011

Did I Really Say That?

Seriously.  Did I really say, "All I have to do is finish filling it in with black and it will be ready to quilt" in this post??  I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.  Thinking it would be done in about a week, I started cutting pieces and sewing them into place.  Well, it isn't as easy as it looks!  It certainly isn't like making blocks and sewing them into rows and then sewing rows together.  The more I sewed, the more I ended up with places like this to fill in.

I ended up sewing that piece into place like you would sew a "Y" seam, only it really was more like sewing an "L" seam.  It worked, though.

It's coming along nicely now, and I have hopes of finishing it in March, which was my original goal.  

It's shaping up!

In case you wondered what that blue spot is in the middle of my design wall, here's a close-up of it.  

My grandson Gavin decided several years ago, when he was about 6, that if Gramma can put her art work up on the design wall, then so could he!  Take my word for it -- water colors are not easy to get off your flannel design wall.  Awww, I love it, though!


  1. Love it - I made three (yes boringly three) identical Star Wars Quilts a few years ago with the same fabric - keep on going - he will love it - and you will feel better when it is done!

  2. Love the blue dot and the quilt is coming along nicely. It's going to be great