Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I Spent National Quilting Day

I actually spent National Quilting Day working on a quilt!  In my last post I showed you the progress I had made on Aidan's Star Wars quilt.  I am happy to report that because of National Quilting Day the top is complete.  On my way home from visiting my grandchildren in Huntsville the other day, I stopped at Hancock's of Paducah and bought these two fabrics for an inner border and binding. 

Yesterday I finished filling in the black background and added a half inch inner border of orange before putting the Darth Vader borders on.  I am loving this quilt!

Now, to piece the backing.  I have these two pillow panels that I want to use on the back along with the Darth Vader fabric and some black and orange scraps. 

I am really excited about getting this finished.  I know Aidan is going to love it!

On a serious note -- I think we should have a MONTHLY National Quilting Day.  Don't you!?!?


  1. AWESOME Sandy!!! He is going to love it!! I agree! There should be a monthly National Quilting Day!!!

  2. Sandy, Congratulations!!!! That is one fantastic looking quilt. I wish I had a young grandson to make such a quilt for. Can't wait to hear what he says when he sees it. Dar PS Love the new pic of Aidan too.

  3. Sandy - that looks great. Can't wait to see what you do with the back. Since I didn't remember it was National Quilting Day I'm not sure I would be very good with a MONTHLY Quilting Day.

    Leaving Florida tomorrow - see you soon.