Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Huge Finish!

The quilt I told you about in this post, I am happy to report, has finally been completed.  This has been an interesting journey.  And a long one!  I started this Blooming Nine Patch in 2002, then set it aside for about 8 years.  Last year I got it out of the cabinet, determined to finish it.  Once it was put together and basted, it was set aside again for a while.  I was beginning to think this would be my "take-it-to-the-home-with-me" quilt!  After 7 months of working on it nearly every day it's finally ready for the big reveal........

I appliqued one of each of the blocks onto the back to create a design.  

You can see the blocks a little better in this close-up.

I am holding onto this one for a while before I hand it off to Aaron and Leah.  I'm thinking I may enter it in a few quilt shows first.

This one has to be my all time favorite quilt.  (Until I finish the next one, of course.)


  1. I love this quilt. Did you name it? It reminds me of an inferno. Just gorgeous Sandy. You do such great work. If that quilt doesn't make it into a quilt show, I will be surprised.

  2. Sandy, this quilt is breathtaking, so very striking. A&L will treasure it. Let us know how it does when you show it. Thanks so much for sharing this, and all of your quilts.

  3. Sandy, it is stunning!!! We have a hand quilted category in the Quintessential Quilt show this fall....will I get to see this one in person? I love the appliqued squares on the back....what a nice finishing touch :)

  4. Woo hoo Sandy! I remember this quilt. Mine is still unfinished. I'm glad to see you completed it and it is phenomenal! I miss seeing you at guild. I hope all is well with you and your family.

  5. Breath-taking! I adore your quilt! Thanks for visiting my blog too! I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you!