Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quilts for Japan

Leave it to quilters to come through in a disaster.  The recent earthquake and tsunamis in Japan have touched quilters' hearts and several groups are organizing efforts to get donated quilts to those who have lost everything.  I missed the deadline for mailing them to Quilters Newsletter Magazine so I will be mailing my quilts to  They are working with Mission of Love to get the quilts there and have also made available an address for sending quilts directly to Japan.

Since I am so math challenged I had 46 pink 4-patches leftover from the Pink Quilt I told you about in this blog  I just used them and some fabrics in my stash to put two quilts together in the last few weeks.  For the first one I alternated 4-patches with a cute polka dot fabric and added a border.

For the second quilt I added sashing with cornerstones and two borders to the 4-patches.


.........what to do with all these leftover triangles!


  1. Oh, I am sure you will come up with something lovely with those triangles. Sandy, your Japanese quilts are absolutely adorable. Some little girl is going to love them to pieces.

  2. Very pretty. QuiltersNewsletter deadline is April 30 .. so you still have time.