Saturday, March 10, 2012

An I Spy Finish!

I know two very happy boys.  My 3 year old great-nephew Phenyx.....

......and my 1 year old great-nephew Kingston.

They got their I Spy quilts in the mail last week from their very awesome Great Aunt Sandy (that would be me!)

There are so many fun novelty fabrics available these days.  Everything from bumble bees to candy corn to cupcakes and balloon dogs. Even lobsters!

I used the backing fabric to make some matching pillowcases.  I love this fabric designed by Wendy Bentley for Timeless Treasures. 

Paula Hughes' Over - Under Pattern came in handy again for this quilt, and I got two entirely different looks because of the background fabrics.  The dark blue fabric created a woven look, but the blocks on the green background look like they're floating.  Fun!

Phenyx is already playing games with his quilt and finding all kinds of fun things ---- even when he is supposed to be sleeping!

So, two well-loved boys have their I Spy quilts that I know will also be well-loved.  And that makes this quilter very happy.


  1. Couldn't tell is the hippo fabric was on them (the eyes are gettin' old), but I LOVE the cupcake fabrics! Oh, to be young again... Another superb job making two boys HAPPY! :O)

  2. They both turned out great and the boys are adorable, too.

  3. I have never seen a 3 yr old so excited about a quilt! The day they received them, Phenyx grabbed me as soon as I walked in the door to show me! It was Priceless! Oh, and we are not allowed to use it! Lol

    Deedee. Aka Googwa (phenyx & Kingstons grandma)

  4. Sandy, They are very lucky little boys and the quilts turned out super. The boys are so cute. You are the best 'great-aunty' ever.