Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love Seeing Baby Quilts Being Used

I was so happy to see this photo on FaceBook this morning!  

I told you about the quilt I made for Naomi in this post.  I am happy to report that Naomi's daughter, Katelyn Anne, has arrived.  She went home from the hospital covered in her quilt.  I am so glad I didn't wait until she was born before mailing it.  How special that she is using it her very first day out of the hospital.  Quilters love to see people using quilts instead of "saving" them!


  1. My kalidescope quilt is being delivered to my new grand-niece today. I wrote on the washing instructions, don't be afraid to use this quilt, quilts are very robust.
    It is nice to see them used and loved.

  2. I tried commenting on this the other day and I just couldn't get through the scrambled words, but this picture is so special and it feels good to know that someone appreciates all the beautiful work you did on that quilt for this special baby.