Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I have set a goal to make a pillowcase a week for charity, and since I decided to do that I am on track!  I showed you the stack of pillowcases that my fellow retreaters and I made for St. Louis Children's Hospital when I blogged about retreat in this post.   Today I was in a sewing mood so I made these --

You can see that I have a fun stash of novelty prints and brights, can't you? 

This evening I decided that I needed to clean up the mess I had made in the sewing room, but I got distracted and made these --

I use what is called "the sausage method" to make them which my friend Rilla taught me.  It's a very easy way to make pillowcases in a short amount of time, but it doesn't diminish their cuteness in any way!  


  1. Awesome pillowcases Sandy!! Whoever gets those will definitely love them!!

  2. Sandy, Way to go!!!1 The pillowcases are so bright and cheerful. I too use the sausage method which I first saw when I started working at the quilt shop over 7 years ago. It is so fast and easy.

  3. The first group is so cheerful. The kids will love them! Do they get to keep them, or do they stay at the hospital?

    The Paris set is lovely! I can hear the accordion playing! :o) I'm still waiting for the hippo pillow cases...

  4. Great goal! The pillowcases looks fantastic!!

  5. They are all great Sandy. Way to go!!