Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Sewing Room

I have been promising pictures of my new sewing room for some time and I think the time has come to deliver on that promise.  (Mostly because it's clean right now and I was finally able to get some good photos!)  We moved to Huntsville a year ago and the Mother-In-Law suite was to become my new studio.  It was definitely not a top priority so it took several months just to get around to unpacking some boxes. Then I found myself rearranging,  and reorganizing.  I finally have it the way I want it!
When you go out the side door of my Living Room and look across the enclosed Courtyard, you see the Sewing Room just across the way. 

As you enter the room, you can see that my sewing machine and cutting table are in the middle of the room and my design wall is behind that.  To the right of the design wall is a little nook with a kitchenette area and a good sized closet.  

Right now I have some threads and a few other things stored in the cabinets, but have not really figured out just how to use that space.

Continuing around the room to the left of the design wall you can see the door to the bathroom and then my wall of cabinets begins.  (That little rocker you see was my mother's sewing rocker.)

We're back around to the entry wall and the windows. That's where the treadmill is.

My TV is in front of the treadmill.  Can you see the antique ironing board on the wall to the right of the TV?  That belonged to Sweet Adorable Hubby's grandmother.  Very special.

My ironing station is next and then my computer desk.
(Can you see my niece wall?  I DO Love Them to the Moon and Back!)

The little area between the bathroom door and the beginning of the cabinets is where I have my bulletin board and a pegboard for storing my rulers.

Can you believe what a great space I have for being creative?  I am so grateful for it and I love everything about it.  I just need to make sure that I spend a lot more time in it!!


  1. Lovely! I think you could store folded quilts in your glass front kitchen cupboards. At least that is one idea. Of course, I know give away all your quilts.

  2. Oh Sandy, how wonderful. Wish you were here to share your creative gift with us. Abby (2nd daughter) is R.A. of her college dorm next year and has many naked hallways to decorate. We just drove through our neighborhood looking through peoples' recycles for misc craft items--so funny. Praying God breathes your creative gift this way!

  3. What a great and organized sewing room.

  4. What a lovely space to work and create! Thanks for sharing it with us! You might have to work in your space some more to figure out those glass cupboards.

    I find I have to do that with my new spaces when we move. You get everything in place and then when you start living with it, it gets better organized! ENJOY!

  5. WOW I AM JEALOUS, you have such a big room. I have a big room too but mine is the family room (turned into sewing room) in the basement so I don't have any sunlight, it is hard to get enough lighting down there. Beautiful space, enjoy it and thanks for sharing. :)

  6. What a great sewing space!! Can't wait to see it in person one day. Thanks for taking pictures to share with us.

  7. Looks Great Sandy. What a great place to be creative. Of course your courtyard is my favorite place.


  8. Delightful! It would be so easy to create {and be creative} in this lovely space. I'm jealous of your sink. It would be so handy for cleaning up after painting projects (my hope-to-begin-soon interest), as well as inky hands. Perfect storage, perfect wall art, love the ruler peg board, perfect studio! Thanks so much for FINALLY sharing. :o)