Saturday, July 14, 2012

Retreat Report - Part Three

Our retreat theme this year was A Garden Party complete with a white picket fence and our very own Mother Nature.  

Throughout the week we were encouraged to attach flowers to the fence with notes which would be used in Saturday night's entertainment.  Some of the notes were encouraging......

......and some were, well, not so much!

(At first glance you may think this is genuine praise, but a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say!)

Beautiful hats were the order of the day at the Garden Party.  Rebecca's was complete with a garden hose.

Debbie, JoAnne and Robin's were true works of art.

Angela wore her Garden Party pearls.

And leave it to Julie.  Not everyone can pull off a chicken for a hat!

If you think the hats were creative wait until you see some of the dresses!  Cat......



and Rilla came appropriately dressed for a Garden Party.  

Marcia thought it was a Gardening Party and she came dressed appropriately, too!

Mother Nature read our notes from the fence and her Helper Bee provided commentary.  

We do have a lot of fun at retreat.  We laugh a lot, we play a lot, we sew a little. And we enjoy being able to spend time with really good friends.


  1. Oh those are hilarious!! What fun it looks like you all had!! Great Garden Hats too. What did yours look like?

  2. Sounds like a little piece of heaven...
    Thank you for sharing your delightful retreat with us. Is this the place where the nuns prepare your meals and snacks?

    PS - I just noticed that Leah's picture is back up. I've missed her. :o) Love you.

  3. I must give credit where it's due: Rilla (pictured later) made the hats for both of us!

    I'm so glad you preserved these memories for us.

    1. I wondered how you got that hat on the plane. Rilla took good care of you.