Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Retreat Report - Part Two

Our Challenge for this year was to make a "Black and White and One Other Color" quilt.  Normally I put off this kind of thing for a long time, so I thought I was way ahead of the game when I started my project at a Nancy Odom workshop last November.  She taught her quilt "Stars are Gathering." 

If you know me at all, you know I did not do it in those colors!  I decided to add green and use it for my Challenge.  Actually it was more like Green and White with a little bit of Black Challenge!

I had all the components made and and organized waaaaay back in November, but I didn't get it out again until I got to the retreat on the first day.   I sewed like a fiend and finished the top (except for the last border) about 15 minutes before the reveal.  I could not have cut it any closer than that!

This was a popular challenge.  There were 23 entries!  I couldn't name a favorite (mainly because a lot the gals read my blog!) but Jan's was very cool.

Debra made some beautiful placemats and a table runner.

I really like the pattern Debbie used.

Faye's was Black and White with Red on one side......

.....and White and Black with Green on the other side!

Shirley made a back pack without a pattern!

And leave it to Eve to use orange!!

One afternoon we held all the challenge quilts over the balcony at the Retreat Center to take photos and it was quite a sight.

I don't want to give anyone quilt overload (like THAT'S possible!!) Next time I'll tell you about our Garden Party.


  1. LOVE the Black & White! It would be hard to choose one favorite. Expecting to see YOU in a Garden Party hat in the next entry... :o)

  2. That brings back such great memories!!!

  3. WOW! There were really some great looking black/white + quilts. I can see how it would be hard to pick a favorite. Great participation too along with the variety of patterns. Your ladies are very talented. Can't wait to see what the Garden Party brings.

  4. I MISS YOU AND ALL OUR FRIEND!!! How much fun we had...HUGS

  5. Love the quilts. Great job by everyone.