Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sisters Trip 2012

This year it was Barb's turn to plan our trip, and we all decided it was the best one yet!  She booked our weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City the weekend of The Renaissance Festival.  The lodge has a humongous indoor water park.

Sweet Adorable Hubby couldn't believe it, but my sisters talked me into going down one of those crazy slides!  I was terrified, but I have to admit it was fun. And, NO they could not get me to do it twice!

Saturday morning I stepped into the bathroom while Dee Dee was showering and said, "I'm just taking a picture of you to put on FaceBook."  You should have heard her scream when the flash went off!

This is how Barb puts her makeup on when there is only one mirror for five people.

I had bought T-shirts for us, but ordering online makes it difficult to get the right size and they were way too big.  We all decided they would make better PJ's so Carol modeled one for me.

None of us had been to a Renaissance Festival before and we loved it.  You do see some interesting people there!

It was not always easy to tell the customers from the performers.

Even so, the costumes were great.

The fairies were especially cute!

Debbie and Barb were flirted with.....

.....Dee Dee braved a snake around her neck.....

.....Carol did some shopping.....

.....and I got a cute shirt that totally fits my personality.  (It's hard to get a picture of yourself when you are the resident photographer!)

Five hours was not enough to see everything, but we gave it our best shot before we were totally worn out.  That night we ordered pizza for dinner and played cards in our room.   I really do "heart" my sisters!

You can see more photos on my Flickr page if you aren't already tired of us!   



  1. What a wonderful event to attend! I've heard of Renaissance Festivals but have never gone to one. The costumes are delightful! LOVE your tee! :) And the final 5 Sister photo is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great pictures and it really looks like you had a good time. Lucky you.

  3. Sandy, Wish I had been there to see you sail down that water slide!!! You ARE brave! The Renaissance Festival really looked entertaining. Do you know we have one of the biggest ones right here in the area?? Some of the gals that have a booth selling handmade dragons came into the shop one year and bought lots of fabrics that reminded the of reptile looking animals. They invited us all to come next time. It lasts a couple of weeks, I think. Now I really want to go to one after seeing your delightful pictures.