Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another UFO Finished!

Back in July I told you in this post about the Black and White and One Other Color Challenge quilt I was working on.  At that time it still needed borders but now it is a finished quilt.  

My friend Angela at Quilted Joy machine quilted it for me and did a beautiful job as always.  

I can't wait to give this one away.  It's for someone special, but I won't tell you about that until much later.  Don't want to ruin the surprise. 

This weekend I made five more pillowcases towards my 50 Pillowcase Goal for St. Louis Children's Hospital.  That makes twenty, so far!

I'm sure my friend Gloria will especially appreciate the hippo fabric.  It's from the Jungle Buddies line by Blank Fabrics .  The last time I blogged about pillowcases she told me I need to make more with hippos on them.

Well, this year is winding down and I haven't completed as many UFO's as I had hoped to.  Hopefully I can get another one or two finished before the holidays!



  1. I think you are doing fantastic with your pillow challenge and as for your's beautiful.

  2. WOW, you are really going to town on those pillowcases. They are all so bright and cheerful. Your finished quilt is awesome. I don't recognize the pattern, but it very striking. See you soon.

  3. Hooray for Hippos ~ especially with a purple border! :) Those cute hippos will make any child (and most adults) happy. I really love B & W quilts, and this one is lovely. I have some B & W music theme fabric and hope to combine that with some jewel-tones Batik to make Gary a wall quilt. He took me to see his cubicle at a Boeing open house 2 weekends ago, and I saw that he has space for it. So it is on my list...

  4. Sandi, you are so good...50 pillowcase goal! Where do you send them? I would be interested in making some :)