Thursday, November 1, 2012

And Speaking of Homespuns.....

If you have been following my blog for very long at all, you know I am really into modern patterns, art quilts, bright fabrics, and making things a little interesting and sort of "different."  So is it a surprise that I am not a big fan of homespuns? 

When my friend, Faye, told me she needed some homespun scraps I quickly offered her all that I had in my stash, packed them up and mailed them to her!

You should go over to her blog, Mimi's Passions and check out the cute calendar she is working on!

I guess I should explain why I had homespuns in my stash at all.  In 2002 I made a Christmas wall-hanging for my son and his family.

The pattern was in a McCall's Quilting magazine.  It turned out really cute and very Christmassy!

For some reason after that I was inspired to make an appliqued fall table runner, also using homespuns.

It turned out well, but I never used it, and it stayed in a drawer for years until I finally gave it away.  

Thus ends the history of my experience with homespuns.  I felt guilty having them in my stash and never using them.  All these years I thought I would use them in a charity quilt or something.  I can't tell you how glad I am that Faye has taken them off my hands!


  1. Yup... a good way to "de-stash"!! Thank you.

  2. Mimi's calendar is darling, and I'm certain your Homespun fabrics will be a huge asset. Perhaps you should photograph the other unwanted fabrics in your stash and offer to give them away as well! You might get rid of them all in time to fill the spaces with Christmas gift card purchases. Just a thought... :)

  3. Sandy, I'm like you and have very few homespuns, but I did buy some to make a Buggy Barn quilt for a male cousin. It still is not made -- not enough "lights" in my collection. I may eventually get it started, but who knows what year!

    Your snowman quilt is the cutiest. See you soon.

  4. It is to laugh...when Mimi mentioned her friend Sandy giving up her beloved homespuns, I thought this HAD to be a different Sandy!!