Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Pillowcases

I am now more than halfway to my goal of 50 pillowcases in 50 weeks for St. Louis Children's Hospital!  This is what I made this weekend.  


Most of these fabrics came from my stash.  I did not have a single thing to go with that giraffe print, though, so I bought the African print yesterday.  The stash is holding out for now, but I can see that a trip to the Quilt Shop may be in my future before I am finished!

That, Faye, She's a pistol!  Thinking my pillowcases look like a pair of capris!  Here's a better picture.  (And yes, they did look like a pair of pants in that photo.  TOO FUNNY!)


  1. More Happy Thoughts - for the kids receiving these cute PCs and for you getting to go to the Quilt Shop. :)

  2. LOL. I knew they were pillowcases. It was just funny how they were laid out and looked like a great pair of pj capris. LOL ;D

  3. Faye, I thought the same thing before I saw Sandy's comment! Sandy, those are all so cute. You are making it very difficult for me to catch up quickly! I've already run out of stash fabric, so I guess I get to shop too!!