Saturday, January 12, 2013

Purple --- Finally!

When I posted in November about my Quilted Village Block of the Month I took a little flack from two friends of mine (Dar and Gloria to be specific) because I had not made any purple houses yet.   I definitely planned on making one eventually so I thought that maybe I'd better do it sooner rather than later.   I mean I really can't handle that kind of pressure!  I pulled out my purples the other day and discovered that this is my entire stash of purples - 

The solid piece on the left is about a yard, and all the rest are just scraps. 

I did manage to get one house made from purples.....

.....but I can see that I need to do some serious purple stash building before long.  


  1. love the house block! it's funny, purple is my favorite color and I have the least of it in my stash too.

  2. The purple fabrics in your stash are a good foundation, a nicely modest variety of shades. The house is really cute, and will absolutely MAKE the quilt. However, I am inclined to agree with your conclusion. There is something about the phrase "...I need to do some serious purple stash building..." that is equal to "visions of sugarplums". What a delightful event to anticipate! :)

  3. Well, it's about time, huh? Both for you finally making a beautiful purple house, and for meeting getting my b--- in gear and checking your blog postings. I'm back with the living, I think. That purple house looks like a multi-level duplex and it probably houses lots of purple people. Wasn't there a song that had the words "purple people eaters" in it??

    Your little village is really cute. I'm envious that you are starting something new and so cute even when you have UFO's. I'm not there yet -- although you know I did give in tot he Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt (to my dismay -- it's beautiful, but taking way tooo much time from other things.

    Thanks for getting your purple house included in the village. You know where to find them if you ever need any purple fabrics. I have at least 2 rooms full!! ha ha