Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stir Crazy!

When we moved to our new home I decided to make bedspreads for our guest room.  I don't remember the last time I made something especially for our home.  Like a lot of quilters I give away almost everything I make!  I decided to use the "Stir Crazy" pattern from the booklet "Strip Therapy 2,"  and I bought some batik strips and background fabric so I could get started.   Just as a side note here -- whenever you purchase pre-cut quilt pieces make sure you measure them.  I learned the hard way, they are hardly precise.

The fabric I chose for the background actually ended up being in the package of strips.....

 I had to replace it with something else.  That wasn't too difficult.  There are zillions of beautiful batiks out there from which to choose!

I began working on this project at a retreat I went to in November, where I only ended up making four blocks!  I guess I needed to visit with friends more than I needed to get something done!

Sewing strip sets together is one of the most boring parts of sewing.

After getting the strip sets finished and sub-cutting them I finally got to sew actual blocks together!

I am an "iron the seams open" kind of girl.


The bedspreads were finished and mailed off to my friend Angela for quilting less than 2 months after I started.  I must be feeling motivated.  

I am so happy with the way these spreads are turning out that I am thinking about making something else just for us.  Maybe a throw for the living room or a king-size spread for our room.  The question is........stash?? or shopping??


  1. First off....I say "shopping". But, secondly, I think it should have been "I needed to be quilting more rather than visiting"...don't you think? ;D They turned out great!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the colors in those spreads!! They are so "Sandy". Now - "stash or shopping?" - depends on the project and where it will end up. The nice thing is, where ever the fabrics come from, they will be perfect once you work your magic on them. Thanks so much for sharing.