Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finally a Finish!! Gavin's Quilt is Done!!

I have a happy boy at my house!  I finished quilting Gavin's quilt last week and stitched down the binding at retreat.  When I asked him how happy he is with his quilt he said,  "I --- am overjoyed!"  And so is Gramma.

When he saw it on the design wall he just had to hug it.

When he realized I was taking photos he wouldn't let me take any more, especially if there was any chance I might post them online.  (Almost a teenager, you know!)

I seriously thought about getting rid of the book with the paper-piecing patterns in it.  I am so done with mythology quilts.  But then I got to thinking, what if Gavin meets a little gal some day who also loves mythology?  And I need to make a mythology wedding quilt.........


  1. I am glad he is so excited. I think you should try entering it in a show, but I am sure Gavin won't let it go.

  2. So Amazing! It is something he will cherish forever! Good going Sandy!

  3. Sandy, Gavin's quilt is amazing....and his reaction, priceless! I know what you mean about paper piecing. Teajuana hosts a scrap club and they have a year long project every year. I really like the one she chose this year ( shoot me's all paper piecing and I've started it!

  4. Fantastic. Looks so wonderful and your Gavin is so happy.
    Grit from Germany

  5. this turned out great! after seeing your post for just the hippogriffs, i was going to search for the final one to see. so glad you posted it on the tuesday archives as well!

  6. Well, I see in this post it is completed and it is marvelous. Congratulations on getting all those pieces done.