Friday, August 23, 2013

More About the Grand Rapids Quilt Show

I'm so glad I went to the AQS Show in Grand Rapids last week.  It was well worth the effort.  This was only the second year for the show to be held in that city, and it was a wonderful experience as I shared in my last post

Among other exhibits Patricia Campbell was honored with a special display of her work, Miniature Quilts from the National Quilt Museum were presented, and the Tentmakers of Cairo were there demonstrating and selling their work.  They were really fun to watch.

Some of my favorite quilts were a part of the Ultimate Quilt Guild Challenge.  From the Across the Square Quilters in Charlotte, MI whose Challenge was "Under" I liked.....

.....Under Cover by Carol Randall.

From the Quilt Artists of Kentucky in, Berea, KY whose Challenge was "Give Me a Hand" I liked.....

.....Give Nature a Hand by Betsy Ellen Terrill.

From the Davies Manor Quilters in Memphis, TN whose Challenge was "Fairy Tales" I liked.....

Pied Piper by Deborah Trimm.

And from the Milwaukee Art Quilters in Wauwatosa, WI whose Challenge was "Color Wheel Opposites" I liked.....

Coy Koi by Sonja Lambach Pavlik.

It was fun to shop the 350 plus vendors and see the newest and most up to date offerings from the wide world of quilting.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of the colorful pre-cut strips offered by this vender.  Pretty, huh?

This vendor made me think of my friend Barb.  She would have turned around and headed the other way if she had seen this chair!

Even though we had stopped at every single vender at least twice, we still needed to visit a few Local Quilt Shops on the drove home.  With all that shopping I still didn't end up with much of a haul.  I behaved myself. 

I took advantage of show prices on Superior threads, bought a Needle Nanny, some Mistyfuse and a few other things, including a show T-shirt.  The thing I'm most looking forward to using is the set of numbered Q-Pins for marking blocks and rows once they are up on the design wall.  No more taking them down and getting the order mixed up on the way to the sewing machine.  I hope!


  1. Sandy, The show looked like it was really nice. Do you think you will go back again? Loved your pictures too.


  2. Great pictures of the challenge quilts. Quilters are so clever with naming their quilts. Enjoyed the ones that were your favorites too. I bought those Q pins at Paducah and have used them. They work pretty well as long as your quilt doesn't have too many blocks.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time to me! I love quilt shows and shouldn't really admit it, but I go for the vendors and the quilts are an "extra." I love the "Give Nature a Hand" quilt and thank you for sharing it.