Thursday, September 5, 2013

My New Projects for July and August - Nephews' Quilts!

I did actually start a new project in July, I just couldn't get the blog written within the seven day window in order to participate in that month's 2013 NewFo Challenge.  I do want to tell you about it though, so I'm including it here with the August project.  

The July Project -- When my sister-in-law, Debbie, passed away in 1999 she left behind this embroidered quilt top.  I saved it all these years so I could do something with it for her children.

I cut the center out of it and used some of the border stitching to make this quilt for Debbie's daughter, Ashley, in 2010 and blogged about it in this post.

I have 18 blocks left over to make a quilt for Debbie's son, Jason.  

My friend Shirley, who is a genius with her EQ designing program, came up with several designs for alternate blocks for me and I chose this one. 

Then she designed the alternate blocks for me complete with measurements.

So basically, the work for my July project was done by someone else!  LOL  That's okay.  I'll do the cutting, sewing, and quilting!

The August Project -- My nephew Josh asked me to make a wall-hanging based on the character Link from The Legend of Zelda computer game.  I found some pics online of the items in the game....

....and then sketched them out on graph paper.  

No, I do not know what all the items are.  I had to ask Josh!  I'm going to make a block for each figure and then use them in a border around a pieced center of Link.  

Getting the sketches done and buying some of the fabrics is as far as I got.

But it's a start.  Another start. I need a few finishes!!

I was going to link up with Barbara's Linky Party, but it looks like the deadline was early this month.  I'll be a little more on the ball next month. (I hope....)


  1. Good grief, you never do anything easy do you? I love the pattern idea of Shirley's. I think that is the one I would have picked and I don't even know what the other ones were.

  2. Wow! I'd say you do stay busy. The quilt for Jason will be wonderful - I'm sure it will mean a lot to him. I don't know what those figures are either - at least you have something to look at! Best of luck! ~Jeanne

  3. Jason's quilt will mean so much to him. That is a great design. As far as Josh's quilt goes, I don't have any idea what the game is but I'm sure he'll love his quilt. You must be pretty special to be asked to make it! ~Jeanne

  4. What a lovely gift for Debbie's children. How thoughtful of you.

  5. The Link project sounds like a fun challenge. Sure do love what you've done with your sister's quilt and the design for the leftover blocks. We can all use friends who do the prep work for us!! :D

  6. I love what you did with the embroidered quilt top. The plan for the extra blocks looks great, too. Both will be appreciated by her children.

  7. Sandy, I remember when you were taking apart that embroidered quilt in your sewing room in St.L. I think both quilts are wonderful and the kids will love and appreciate them. Using an Irish chain type of alternate block is one of my favorites too. The Link quilt sure looks challenging, but I know you are up to it.

  8. You have some fun and unique projects going on. Can't wait how they turn out :)