Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Goal Accomplished

I wasn't sure I would be able to accomplish my goal this month with the house in such a mess and the sewing room packed up and stored in the garage.

Everything is getting more disorganized and sawdust covered every day!

But, progress is actually being made.  Only a few more days and I should be able to start cleaning and moving things back into all the bedrooms and the Sewing Room.  I doubt I will be able to convince Sweet Adorable Hubby that the Sewing Room is the top priority though, when we have been sleeping on a mattress on the Living Room floor for the last 18 nights!   This is what the Sewing Room looks like this morning --

It will be so nice when everything is back where it belongs, and I can find my sewing machine again.  (Errr, I mean, when I can start cooking in that mess of a kitchen again!)  That quilt in the background is covering a big pile of "stuff" and the bathroom (on the left) is completely full of fabric, etc. packed in plastic bags!  When I saw how much fabric I have I decided I'd better start putting out more quilts than I have been.  My stash looks like a lot less when it is stacked neatly in cabinets!

My February goal with A Lovely Year of Finishes was goal #135, and I am happy to report that I did, indeed, finish it!  I basted and hand-quilted my QRC quilt.

Still not ready to reveal the message, though.  It needs binding first.  I just hope I can get to my sewing machine before the end of March!

I am linking up with the February Finishes Party -- at Fibre of All Sorts.  Can't wait to see who else made their goal this month!

A Lovely Year of Finishes


  1. Floors look great. We are half moved back into the great room. Still need the boys to come over and help move the bigger pieces of furniture and then I can clean the rest of the house. Congrats on your finishes, too.

  2. Lookin' Good - both the delightful quilt and the gorgeous floors. So glad you are surviving. :)

  3. Hand quilted?! Holy cow!!! That's a lot of stitching. Congrats on powering through to a finish, especially under the circumstances. :)
    Carole, from Fresh off the Frame

  4. Anytime a quilt is hand done I think it is that much more precious!!!

  5. I'm so impressed! My quilt diva joked about making "one of those scanable phone things" but you actually did it! Very cool. I love your January finish as well. Good start to the year!

  6. Congrats! Looks great and good luck with that house thing :-)

  7. What a great idea to have a hand quilting project while your room was unavailable. Congrats on your finish!

  8. What a striking pattern! Your floor looks beautiful. It will be a wonderful place to work!

    1. Wonderful hand quilting! Know the feeling of having everything in boxes, I'm in the process of moving back into my room as well. You will love it soon :0)