Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Progress on February Goals

The hardwood is all down in the Sewing Room, and needs to be stained and finished.  All four of the rooms in progress should be completed in about four or five more days.  I would call that progress.  Well, technically I guess it's not my progress, it's the carpenters' progress.  I'm still excited, though.

I have made some other progress of my own.   I basted my little QRC Wall-hanging and started hand-quilting it.  

I wanted all my seams to look this good.  This accurate.

I pinned so carefully and stitched so very slowly through the seam intersections, but sometimes I could still feel things slip just a little bit, and I ended up with a few results like this.........

I was so tired of ripping out and reworking that I finally decided to let the precision slide a little.  After all, from a galloping horse at 50 paces it will look just fine.  However, around the 23rd row (out of 25) I found myself wishing I had a machine with dual feed.  Aarrgghh!!!  What???  Isn't that what my WALKING FOOT is for?!?!?!?   Well, it's too late now..........


  1. Thank goodness you have some handwork to do I think your quilt looks just fine. Perfection is highly overrated anyways.

  2. I agree with Mimi. I'm getting to the stage that finished is better than perfect too. On a side note, I usually use my walking foot for all my piecing to help with lining up and also with putting on bindings. Some have laughed, but I find it helps me. Things are still not perfect, but just think how bad they would be if I didn't use it. lol

  3. I agree! Perfection is highly overrated. At the end of the day you are the only one who will see the "imperfections". And the floors look great!